Tired of moving through life without really taking part?

Feeling called to change your life for the better?

Ready to wake up and live it on your terms?

Then let me introduce myself 

My name is Kim Williams and I work with women who are ready to create the life they crave - connected, filled with fun, passion and adventure.

With my ability to reach right to the core of a situation, find solutions and provide strategies and actions, my clients LOVE working with me as I provide a safe space to allow your dreams to come forward and then come to life. 

Using my experience in bridging both the spiritual and corporate environments, I am able to assist my clients who are ready to make changes in their life - career, love, spiritual, relationships - to create a life they engage in fully.  

If you are ready to live your life by your own design in co-creation with Universal energy and a healthy dose of modern day practical magic, then lets book a session in which we can meet and see how I can best support you on the next phase of your journey. 

So many women fall into relationships, careers and lifestyle choices out of not wanting to upset others around them and going with the flow. As life goes on, we tend to wake up and find ourselves in situations that we wouldn't choose for ourselves and ready to choose differently but not knowing where to start.

This is where I come in.  With a good old fashioned dose of tough love with strategy, magic and healing interwoven, I can assist you to start creating the life you know deep in your bones. 

Clearing out the old version and making way for the new, engaged in life you with happiness, light and igniting that inner knowing which will lead you to where you want to be. 


Whilst I can't do the work on your behalf, I can create the safe space for you to make better choices, ask the questions you need to answer and guide you to better solutions which will lead to better outcomes in your life.

A little about me...................

Tired of being crammed into a box defined by others and my need to please, it was time for me to get really honest with myself and how I had literally created a life in which  I hit rock bottom mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Life altering decisions had to be made and they started with having looking at how I got to that space and how I was going to get myself out of it. 


Big girl boots on and acknowledging that the life I created made me miserable, depressed and down right toxic meant no more wasting time and designing a life I could enjoy, love and begin to fall in love with myself was the first step.  

Diving head first into professional development and allowing my own special brand of magic to come forward meant that I was able to rebuild myself from the ground up and show others that they were not only worthy of doing the same but also capable in defining the life they want and create it. 

It isn't difficult but will require you to really be honest because in that space is where your own power and magic lives. 

Interested in working together?

There are some great ways in which we can work together.

Needing a quick chat with actions and energy clearing?  A "Lightning Bolt Consult" is great for this.  We spend an hour together to get straight to the heart of the matter, clear it up energetically, get some action steps in place and we have a quick 30 minute check in 2 weeks later.

3 and 6 Month Coaching Packages are perfect for those wanting longer term support in gaining clarity on goals and working towards achieving them. Fortnightly 1 hour sessions followed up with a 1 page brief on actions to be taken. Email support is provided to clients throughout the coaching program with emails receiving a response within 24 hours. 

Reiki Workshops and Training - are focused on providing training for those wanting to learn more about channeling divine energy for healing of self and others.  Further training is also available with regards to oracle and tarot readings, working with angels and guides and more. 

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