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A Bit About Me

Psychic Medium with experience in both business and

personal life changes. 

Having ridden through my own shitstorms aka life changes while embracing my intuitive skills and working in the corporate arena (government and academic support rolls) for over 25 years, I am well and truly well placed to assist others going through their own storms and making sense of the clusterf*ckery so that you can ride it and rise. 


My work as an Executive Support Officer means I am really good at organising and seeing what is coming up which ties in with my superstar intuitive abilities. 

In short, I get you to dump all the energetic psssh onto my table along with the headf*ck you have invested in and we clear it up and out while aligning you into the life you want to live. Working with the vision you have for your best life, your Spiritual Pit Crew of Guides and Angels and practical actions forward, you will be living your best life sooner that you think. 

Life is too short to waste it being the miserable f*ck at the table - you should be dancing on the table and having a ball!

Permission to live your best life is already yours. Steady your heart rate, take a deep br
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