You are worth more than second thoughts and maybes.


About Kim

Life Coach - Intuitive Advisor - Psychic Medium

Corporate Queen - No BS Wisdom Dealer

My name is Kim Williams and I provide a safe space, support and resources for those awakening from a life they have tolerated and are now ready to create for themselves. 

As a Life Coach, Psychic and Energy Healer, I have the ability to reach right to the core of a situation, find solutions and provide strategies and actions to create a life they engage in fully.  

If you are ready to live your life by your own design in co-creation with Universal energy and a healthy dose of modern day practical magic, then lets book a session in which we can meet and see how I can best support you on the next phase of your journey. 

Need some help in picking the right service/option for you?  Click on the envelope and send me an email so I can assist xx


Services I specialize in

Studying at Home

Energy Clearing

Providing Clarity


Spiritual Learning

Personalized Coaching Plans

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You have an amazing gift in helping people and I will be forever grateful to you for all of your help and showing me just how amazing I am.


You are a phenomenal woman Kim Williams and I knew that the first time we met around 2 years ago. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing xx

I honestly can not thank you enough, I really can’t.

- Bec, QLD

At a place in my life when I was experiencing immense change, I needed guidance and direction. Kim was able to help me focus on what I had power over and how that would allow me to create the things I wanted for my life. My confidence grew and I began the journey of rising to the potential that I had always known existed inside me.


Kim’s coaching guided me in how to allow the woo into my life in a no-nonsense but gentle and sparkly way. I can’t thank Kim enough for the ways in which she has helped bring change to my life.

- Kiri, QLD

My overarching goal was to "Embrace my badassness" and am definitely feeling more confident and able to do this. I felt super comfortable with Kim which lead me to look deeper and open up more.

Loved it - and booking another 3 months now !!!!

- Jude,  NSW

There is no one best bit! You are pure alchemical magic! If I could bottle you and put you in my pocket I would! Your energy!


Your lovingness ( you were way softer than I expected lol) the sense that I knew you and belonged right away.

You always had the best

suggestions and hands down I was always most productive right after our calls. Even though it was late at night.

- Melissa, USA

Looking for a Coach, Mentor and Wing Woman to support you on your journey?

Here is how we can work together. 

Whilst I can't do the work on your behalf, I can create the safe space for you to make better choices, ask the questions you need to answer and guide you to better solutions which will lead to better outcomes in your life.


With a good old fashioned dose of tough love with strategy, magic and healing interwoven, I can assist you to start creating the life you know deep in your bones. 

Clearing out the old version and making way for the new, engaged in life you with happiness, light and igniting that inner knowing which will lead you to where you want to be. 


There are some great ways in which we can work together.

Needing a quick chat with actions and energy clearing?  A Grounded Session is for you. During the 60 minute session, I focus on providing you with clarity around your current situation, clear up the energy surrounding you and we come up with steps to move you forward.  This is a great session if you are wanting to get things done quickly and move on your way. 

5 Month Coaching Program - "Connected"  is perfect for those wanting support applying for the next job and nailling the process, moving on from an old relationship or wanting a deeper connection to self, 


Fortnightly 1 hour sessions. Email/messenger support is provided to clients throughout the coaching program with emails receiving a response within 24 hours. 

12 Month Coaching Program - "Spirited" - is perfect for those wanting to deep dive into all things modern mystic, recognising your power and energy and how you weave it in the world. Whether you choose the path of Reiki and Reader or using this knowledge for personal purposes, life just gets better and better when you step into your most powerful self. 


20 fortnightly 1 hour sessions with 3 x 3 hour workshops throughout the year for planning life and business. Email/messenger support is provided to clients throughout the coaching program with emails receiving a response within 24 hours. 

Reiki Workshops and Training - are focused on providing training for those wanting to learn more about channeling divine energy for healing of self and others.  Further training is also available with regards to oracle and tarot readings, working with angels and guides and more.