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My name is Kim Williams and I am a woman on a mission to assist others in recognising their own unique skills, abilities and self worth.


Having spent over 20 years within Corporate Roles , I ended up experiencing quite a messy awakening.  This was a time in which my very modern life took a very unusual turn as I started recognising my abilities as an Energy Alchemist (to recognise and change the energy around situations and people) and I needed to work on my own self worth and redefine who I am and confidently own it. 


As a Life Coach, Energy Healer (Reiki) and  Clairvoyant, I assist clients in removing old energy, busting through blocks affecting self-worth and confidence by guiding them to clarity and facilitate amazing life changes. The methods and practices I use are ones I also teach so as to grow another's skill set with intuition and recognizing how amazing they are.

Consider me a Personal Trainer who provides the space, knowledge and a very modern approach to Spiritual Practices that will have you feeling empowered, connected and full of energy.


Let's get personal

Not only have I worked in support roles for those in top level Corporate roles but I have also been in the Air Force, worked in Childcare, managed a legal brothel and attained qualifications as a Personal Trainer which led to my owning a successful PT business.

I am a stationary queen who has quite the collection of notebooks, pens and sticky notes.

Also, my collection of card decks and woo based books is quite large.

I haven't been overseas yet but look forward to visiting some of my woo sisters around the world.

My preferences are

Cadbury chocolate over all others

(except Haigh's),

beach over outback,

early nights and early mornings,

fresh buffalo grass to walk on,

Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice-cream,

flats over heels (I am almost 6 foot tall!),

tea over coffee (most times),