Ready to feel

confident and connected? 

Are you a woman awakening after a long time of just bumbling through life, consciously allowing others to decide your worth because you were to scared to claim it for yourself?

Are you a woman awakening after a long time of people pleasing, just hoping that by keeping others happy, you won't need to acknowledge how you truly feel? 

Are you a woman ready to own her abilities, confidently state what she needs and is ready to move but needs support in doing so?

This is where I come in..........

As a Coach who loves to work with women in confidently creating boundaries, acknowledging and soothing the people pleaser within and taking control of the overwhelm of a life built by reactivity rather than consciously taking part, I use my abilities to assist my clients by facilitating a shift from overwhelm to clarity and happiness.

A Coaching Package is for you if....

  • You are ready for long term changes to be made.

  • You are interested in implementing actions to pave the way forward.

  • You know that you need a certain amount of accountability to fuel you.

  • You are interested in learning how to live a more connected and present life.

Coaching Packages

Perfect for those wanting longer term support in gaining clarity on goals and working towards achieving them.  Fortnightly 1 hour sessions followed up with an outline on actions to be taken/followed up on.


Email support is provided to clients throughout the coaching program with emails receiving a response within 24 hours.  

Coaching packages also include tailored resources to assist you on your journey.

Fortnightly 1-1 sessions are held in person either in my office or via phone (Facetime/Messenger video).


With the focus on confidence and self-worth in achieving your goals,  lets see how we can work together in moving you forward.

Investment of $930 for 3 month package ($310 AUD per month inclusive GST)

Investment of $1860 for 6 month package ($310 AUD per month inclusive GST)

Ready to commit to a better life?

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Why work with me 

I have been right where you are - awakening to a life I didn't recognise, miserable with how much I had lost connection with who I am and allowing others to make decisions because I didn't trust myself. 


Changes had to be made and they had to be made by me.

Qualifications and Experience

Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy

Reiki Master and Teacher, Psychic, Intuitive Guide

20 years in Corporate Support roles

An interesting and messy Spiritual Awakening


I really appreciate the time and attention that Kim gave me. It was a huge help to be able to share my experiences, have a sounding board and someone who encouraged me to trust myself. I also appreciated that Kim

shared the messages from her team.

Thank you Kim you really helped me think differently about things.

Louise - Melbourne, Victoria

There is no one best bit! You are pure alchemical magic! If I could bottle you and put you in my pocket I would! Your energy! Your lovingness ( you were way softer than I expected lol) the sense that I knew you and belonged right away. You always had the best suggestions and hands down I was always most productive right after our calls. Even though it was late at night.

I feel like I've made massive progress in my confidence and clarity of what my message is and where I want to go with it! When I began working with Kim I struggled to even voice that I was a spiritual teacher and leader. In our time together I've built a website, rebranded, given a talk and have my own coaching clients.

Melissa - USA

My overarching goal was to "Embrace my badassness" and am definitely feeling more confident and able to do this. I felt super comfortable with Kim which lead me to look deeper and open up more.

Loved it - and booking another 3 months now !!!!

Jude - NSW, Australia

I highly recommend participating in a coaching package with Kim Williams.


When I started with Kim, I could barely speak about the problems I was having without breaking down into tears. I knew I needed to make massive changes in my life as I was burned out, exhausted and heading for a breakdown.


My mental health has improved drastically and my physical health is on its way. I have a better appreciation for taking care of myself, and being able to spend more time where it matters, with my family. None of this would have been possible without Kim's support and guidance.


I will forever be truly grateful.

KMW - QLD, Australia

At a place in my life when I was experiencing immense change, I needed guidance and direction. Kim was able to help me focus on what I had power over and how that would allow me to create the things I wanted for my life. My confidence grew and I began the journey of rising to the potential that I had always known existed inside me. Kim’s coaching guided me in how to allow the woo into my life in a no-nonsense but gentle and sparkly way. I can’t thank Kim enough for the ways in which she has helped bring change to my life.

Kiri - QLD, Australia

This journey we have been on this last 3 months has been life changing to say the very least. I was excited and nervous before we began as
I was unsure what to expect but I knew it was going to be a very

positive experience.

With your guidance and help I have realised how strong I am and how I do deserve the things, the experiences and life I want for me. Without your advice and tools I hate to imagine (well I know) where I would be today, and thank goodness I am in a new life, a new state of mind and it is honestly only

upwards from here.

You have an amazing gift in helping people and I will be forever grateful to you for all of your help and showing me just how amazing I am. You are a phenomenal woman Kim Williams and I knew that the first time we met around 2 years ago. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing xx

I honestly can not thank you enough, I really can’t.


Bec - QLD, Australia

Ready to commit to a better life?

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