Down the Rabbithole

Resources for the Emerging Lightworker

Spiritual Pit crew

Keen to work more with your Crew? 

Check out the PDF below.

Meeting your Guardian Angel and Spiritual Pit Crew.

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Music is such an amazing way in which to soothe the soul or motivate you.

Check out the list in the link below.

books, card decks and Crystals

Interested in finding out my favourite decks, books and crystal?

spirited living

This e-book walks you through such topics as Angels of Abundance, working with your Spiritual Pit Crew and more

Mini Masterclasses


This masterclass is a great introduction on how to use energy

Creating an altar

Creating a scared space is important as it can be a place of grounding and relaxation.

Using Oracle, Angel and Tarot Decks

This masterclass focuses on how you can choose and use Oracle, Angel and Tarot Decks.

Spiritual awakenings

This mini masterclass talks you through spiritual awakenings.