Reiki Level 1 - Awareness of Self

By appointment

Reiki is an amazing gateway into the energy of self-healing, personal growth and transformation whether you are new on your spiritual journey or further along.

If you are interested in a beautiful and peaceful energy healing method, Reiki is non-invasive and beautiful step for many opening themselves up to the possibility of working as a tool for the divine in healing themselves and others. Learning how to utilise and amplify the healing power of Universal Energy which we are able to access from birth, can assist in reducing stress, focusing on self-healing and acceptance and leading a purpose filled life by recognising how best to use your energy.

$375 Investment

Ride It and RISE


Ride it and Rise is all about practical magic and how these tools can assist you in recognising opportunities to move forward and people and situations that you need to disengage from.

This 3 hour workshop covers topics such as grounding, cutting energetic cords and working with your Spiritual Pit Crew.

To consciously create a life you love you need to start with a good healthy dose of practical magic first. 

$111 Investment

Confident & Connected

28 March, 2020


Confident & Connected is next level with regards to using physical tools such as cards, crystals, journalling and more to connect in with your own intuition to move you forward and ultimately trust yourself enough to only need these tools when absolutely required.

To feel confident with who you are and connected in to your Inner Adviser is such an amazing superpower to have when the overwhelm of external influences takes it's toll. 

Methods and tools taught in this workshop can be used throughout your life as a reset point. 

$111 Investment

Lightning Bolt Workshop

By appointment

This 2 hour 1-1 workshop is all about creating your best year yet as we lay down the foundations, strategise the how and set intentions.


With topics such as grounding, protection and how to work with your Spiritual Pit Crew and notice the way in which they communicate with you personally.


With journalling, cards, crystals and lots of fun, this workshop will assist in providing you with clarity, confidence to move forward.


You will receive a gift bag with items personally chosen for you and a 30 min follow up 3 months later.

$395 Investment