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This is a 12 month Mentoring Program focusing on moving you into a position of empowerment, confidence and leadership either as a reader, healer and undercover lightworker.  Whether you choose to come out of the closet and really step up and into your role as a WOMAN OF WOO or choose to use your skills to the fullest in the background, this is a personalised program focusing on your specific needs. 

By discovering, harnessing and utilising your UNIQUE SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER, you can create the life you want rather than falling into one by default.

We meet fortnightly with a one day workshop held during each phase. 

Phase 1 - Undercover Lightworker

Months 1-3

I now release all the criticism I have h

This is where we not only define your goals and dreams moving forward, we focus in on bringing forward your UNIQUE SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER by taking the time to be present and recognise how it shows itself to you,  Are you Clairvoyant with the ability to see how a situation may play out?  Are you Clairsentient who runs by their high emotional pull?


During this phase, we also have you completing your Level 1 Reiki which is all about using your energy wisely and begin your role in becoming a clear channel for The Divine.  We work on growing your confidence to flex your woo muscles and clear you energetically on a regular basis to create greater connection to both your intuition and Spiritual Pit Crew.  


We meet fortnightly to discuss your Spiritual Awakening/Adventures so we can guide you into your chosen main superpower with ease and grace. 

Phase 2 - Empowered Empath

Months 3-6

There are two pathways to choose during phase 2 - Woo Woman weaving her magic into creating a business of her own/upgrading her current business or taking her current profession to the next level while owning her abilities in a professional and positive manner. 


Phase 2 is where you are able to start working with others to assist them in healing/creating clarity via angel/oracle card readings and energy healing sessions. This is the time in which we hone in on your chosen chosen spiritual accessories (crystals, card decks, automatic writing) which will support you in working with clients and build/growing your business.

During this period, you will complete Level 2 Reiki training which in turn boosts your ability to channel healing and messages for others. 

By registering with IICT with your Reiki credentials, you will be able to add this modality to your list of abilities and even start your own business. You will be provided with assistance in creating social media, relevant business forms for client onboarding and solid foundations in creating or taking forward a business that you can for further.


Phase 3 - Leader and Mentor


Whether you choose to use your new found/harnessed abilities in a business or in your day to day life by creating stronger foundations as an Empowered Leader and Mentor, phase 3 will be focusing on moving you forward into your version of a perfect life with relationships, career and personal learning. 

This is literally when you step up and become an Energetic Fairy Godmother

Includes Reiki Master level workbook, full certification, full access to written materials to customise and add your logo and the teacher training manual.

Months 6-12

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Ready for me to be your

Energetic Wing Woman for 12 months?


This entire package is priced at $12,000AUD

Pricing from 1 February, 2022

$8500 AUD

12 Month Weekly and Monthly

payment plans available 


Why work with me 

I have been right where you are - awakening to a life I didn't recognise, miserable with how much I had lost connection with who I am, confused and overwhelmed by how much I had allowed others to make decisions because I didn't trust myself. 


Changes had to be made and they had to be made by me.

Qualifications and Experience

Life Coach – Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy

Reiki Master and Teacher, Psychic, Intuitive Guide

20 years in Corporate Support roles

An interesting and messy Spiritual Awakening

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Click the bell below to book a 30 min life changing discussion - my gift to you xx

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