in the City


15 to 18 November, 2019

Session Options


Connected 30

A 30 min Connected session which can focus on love, career and everything in between.   

A quickfire Q&A format. 



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Lightning Bolt Workshop

This 4 hour workshop is all about creating your best year yet as we lay down the foundations, strategise the how and set intentions.


With topics such as grounding, protection and how to work with your Spiritual Pit Crew and notice the way in which they communicate with you personally.


With journalling, cards, crystals and lots of fun, this workshop will assist in providing you with clarity, confidence to move forward.


Each participant will receive a personal 1-1 session with Kim in the lead up to this event, a gift bag with items personally chosen for you and a 30 min follow up 3 months later.




Connected 60

A 60 min Connected Session gives you the chance to go more in depth around situations and remove energy blocks.


Lets spend the time conversing with your Spiritual Pit Crew over a cuppa and some bickies. 





3 hour Immersive

This is a one on one session in mentoring you on your journey. 

Cards, books, crystals, past lives, energy healing, spiritual discussions on all the things.

Designed to your individual needs. In the lead up to our in person session, there will be 2 x 30 mini sessions which will be held on Zoom and a follow up 30 min session 2 weeks after.


Payment plans can be made available.