3 Steps to Get You Out of a Headf*ck

I wanted to share something with you that may help on the day’s where you feel you are either not moving forward or have no idea WTF you should be doing.


I have started to notice a pattern that I personally go through when it’s time for me to take another leap up on the ladder so to speak. Some peeps call this up-leveling and refer to the awesome book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks which is great for figuring out your “Zone of Genius”. 

For me, I call this “Headf*ckery at its finest – Kim has lost her sh*t” time where heading for Narnia with chocolate, wine and Marvel movies outweighs the need for going within and continuing my Daily Spiritual Practice (I will tell you mine in another post).  I am embarrassed to say that this last one was a doozy where even a few close peeps noticed I wasn’t my normal self.

So I am here today to let you know it’s very normal to feel as though you have lost your way and even find yourself in “Oz” so to speak with Dorothy and her crew forgetting that you need to remind yourself to come back within.

My 3 tips to coming back to self are as follows:

  • Remind yourself that you are present in this very moment and that is all that matters right now.  Make a cup of tea, draw yourself an Angel Card (if you have some) and journal it out.  Trust me when I tell you that the headf*ckery going on in your mind is better out on paper so that you can clear the way for clarity to rock on up.

  • Actually decipher if the feeling is yours or someone else’s. Take the time out to feel the feels but do not wallow in them.  While journalling, ask yourself what triggered the confusion and dissect it.  Was it a comment made by a loved one or did your own vibration dip for longer than normal and your bubble picked up someone else’s energy?  This will help you to figure out if it’s yours. 

  • Take time out to really look after you.  When was the last time you booked in for a massage/reiki session or even just curled up in a ball and read a book that’s been calling to you? I can assure you that the sky won’t fall in and you are probably being nudged by your Pit Crew of Angels and Guides to take time out and stop pushing. Divine timing reigns supreme honey and taking time out for you is a necessary part of life.

Please remember that we all go through these periods of confusion before we hit a period of clarity so we can move forward again. 

You are normal honey and to be honest – everyone needs to have a hot mess moment (or a few) to truly grow their wings.

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