Ask for Divine Guidance.

There is no need to get down on your knees in prayer position.

This is such an antiquated masculine way of doing things.

The Divine Feminine, aka Universe, doesn't need you on your knees to show how much you need clarity, guidance, an arsekicking or assistance of any form. All SHE needs is for you to "ask" and be ready to receive the answer.

Take the time to listen to her in return as SHE will listen to your plea for help. The answer will come and while it may scare you if it's a big step or even have you nodding your head going "nope, not doing that", remember you did ask. The answer you seek may come via internal intuitive nudges, information you are led too (yes the Universe has a way of getting us to find something online when we least expect it) and even music lyrics you here or even conversations with total strangers.

SHE will get the answer to you - all you need do is "ask" and trust. You can ask via a verbal conversation with her or while journalling the matter out onto paper. It is your birthright to "ask" for assistance and it is also your birthright to take note of the answer.

Free will comes into play so you may ask the same questions over and over and receive the same answer over and over but only you can take the step - it can't be done for you nor can you delegate it.

You inherently deep within your very being know when the answer comes. Trust your connection to SHE.

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