Be THAT Women

Be the woman who encourages others. Too many are ready to pull others down to the ground and walk over each other to get what they want.

Be the woman who helps lift others by just being there. This means you have permission to bare witness rather than run in and fix all the things you think are broken.

Be the woman who cheers others on wholeheartedly and without condition. Everyone has the right and skills to succeed in life.

Be the woman who shares her knowledge to assist others but never force it on them. If they don’t use it, it’s totally ok.

Be the woman who sets boundaries and encourages others to do the same. No one has the right to take up all of you time and energy.

Be the woman who walks the fuck away when something isn’t working. Please recognise where you are seriously trying to fix something and everyone else has already left the room 😉

Be that woman who is no longer prepared to cover up her light to fit in that others have to wear shades. It’s more than ok to be you - just be classy rather than arsey.

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