Clear your space

Let go of old paperwork or courses your haven't finished and take the pressure off yourself to do all the things.

Let go of relationships that don't honor you or that you have had to work way to hard to keep going.

Let go of the need for outside approval and give it to yourself. Give it to your inner 4 year old, your inner 15 year old and your inner 25 year old. Let them know they are loved as they are and so worthy of their dreams.

Let go of the need to please everyone else and hope they will behave in a way that will please you - please yourself. Go and dance in the moonlight. Go stand in the rain and allow it to pour over you. Dig your toes in the sand and feel the happiness they bring.

Let go of the breathe you have been holding for so long and allow yourself to feel that you are worthy and so very very loved.

Let go and allow the sparkles to come.

Allow the sparkles of healing to come forward.

Allow the sparkles of abundance to come forward.

Allow the sparkles of self-acceptance to come forward.

Allow the sparkles of your spiritual Pit Crew to come forward as they support you on your quest.

Allow, allow, allow

And so it is

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