Clearing Energetic Cords

So I want to share with you some of the easiest ways in which to clear energy cords but first, what are they.

When you spend time with other people, we become energetically linked. Imagine a spaghetti strand connecting the 2 of you. Now if you come into contact with many people each day, you will have many energy connections. More often than not, these connections are more than OK to have although you can become very tired from them. Also, when it comes to our loved ones, we tend to have bigger energetic connections which is why it can take a little more conscious effort on your part to release and move on or spend less time with them.

Remember that energy connections are normal but you need to ensure that you are clearing these cords when you can.

My tips for clearing are as below

Other ways in which you can release these connections are to limit your engagement with those who leave you feeling as though you have been energetically hit by a bus.

Your energy is precious and you are worthy of being treated with courtesy and respect.

Keeping your energy clear and strong is your responsibility as much as it is for others but it doesn't mean you need to allow others to ride your energetic coat tails.

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