Empathy Fatigue is a thing

Feeling a little "what the ef'd?" at the moment? As though all the little Care Bears within have gone AWOL and you just cannot be bothered?

And you are feeling disconnected, you are tired, cranky and just want to hide in under your blanky.

Welcome to Empathy Fatigue which is a real thing honey and yes we are going there for the second time in a week Empathy Fatigue happens when we give soooooo much and don't take the time to refill our own cup of wellbeing. It can creep up even on the most aware.

Empathy Fatigue has us feeling out of sync/alignment with the work we are here to do but honestly it is a time in which we are being asked to go inwards and look after ourselves.

Self-care isn't selfish but a necessity when we do Woo Work. As tools for the divine, we need to ensure that we put ourselves and our needs first which will mean farewelling people, stopping midway through projects that aren't making you happy anymore and even closing your appointment diary to look after you.

If you are looking for a sign or permission to step back and rest right now, then here it is. If you are not feeling this at the moment, then that's fantastic. Everyone feels things differently and at different times.

Just take the time out when you start feeling like you can't be ef'd, as you may find it's the buildup or you are in the full feels of Empathy Fatigue.

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