Energy Hygiene

Lets have a chat about energy hygiene now we have had the three eclipses in a row we've just finished this weekend with the full moon in Capricorn but can be used at any time to assist you in being grounded and energetically well.

It is only when we feel a little (or a lottle) wobbly that we reach for practices that will assist. Grounding is the first and all it takes is for you to go bare feet out on the grass if you can, walking the earth barefoot as that's facilitates the exchange of energy. If you can go all the way and lay your body on the grass and just breath for a few minutes, you will feel charged and ready to go again.

The next item on your list for energy hygiene is shielding. The method I teach is quite simple and it is to get into your bubble each morning and choose a color for the day. You may start out your day with a pastel shade of that colour and when the energy is a little more intense, you can go up to a darker shade to be able to support you if you are walking into an energetic shitstorm if meeting with someone who's potentially stressful and anxious. Turn it up the intensity really strong so that you're shielding your energy and you're not taking on theirs.

So you've got your grounding and shielding the next one is washing of the hands which isn't just for this coronavirus thing but s is really good for grounding yourself. You know what it's like when you go and wash your hands and the water is nice and warm because it's cold outside, that's helping you to become very present and vice versa, if it's hot outside and you've got cold water the hands, it's just like you take these big deep breaths and feels really good.

So those are my three most important tips ever regarding grounding and shielding .

Be really aware of the energy that you're carrying and if it's yours or someone else's. If you think you've picked up something energetically from someone it could be from the shops, it could be from being in public, just send that energy back to its originator with a whole lot of love.

We tend to forget the energetic filters. Okay, so we'll take this stuff and send it back feeling better. But remember you don't always have to be switched on for that.

Okay, so the one last tip I want to teach you before I go. That's what I do every single morning when I get up and I stepped outside to this with my hands. Again, that's that's like, let's do this. Let's go. I will put my hands up. Okay, palms up, and then I'll bring it down and have them in front of me like this, no God, all right universe. I'm plugged in turned on and turned in the lead status. And it literally takes no more than 10 seconds. Sounds like I've plugged my socket into universal energy, you know, switching on me into my intuition. Let's get this party started. And it really does help.

If you would like to watch the Tuck & Roll video from this session, click on the picture below.

Some further posts on energy are below and may assist you - just click the pics to be taken to them xx

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