Grounding by eating all the food!

Reaching for sugary, carb heavy foods right now? Are peeps stepping on your last nerve and you are just annoyed plain annoyed at everything?

This is a sign of your needing to ground your energy.

You may be feeling pressure on a physical and energetic level. Headaches, body aches, niggles from old injuries and tingly sensations are happening as we let go of the old to make way for the new.

Re the choc/sugar/bread/pasta party that’s been going on. These foods are craved by the body when you need them ground your energy. Scattered energy and patchiness in your energetic bubble need to be made completely again.

Salt baths, walking barefoot on the ground, meditation and consciously calling back in your energy (“I call my beautiful energy back to me and wave away the energy of others. So mote it be”) will all help right now.

Kids and pets are particularly sensitive to these shifts so if they snuggle in more than normal, enjoy it while they go. Oh, and it’s OK for you to be a snuggle bug to and need more cuddles.

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