Hitting an Energetic Slump and how to come out of it

This week, I hit an energy slump. Feels like walking through quicksand - wanting to move at normal speed but not being able to as you are energetically overloaded with too much gunk.

I know that there's a reason for it. I'm not denying what's going on globally but I've literally been taking an energetic swim in all of the things going on on social media, the news and everything in between and it just became too much. Those of us who are extra sensitive and empathic, we feel the feels on a much more heightened level which means we need to be aware of what we're actually allowing ourselves to take in and take on.

Personally, I was watching a few hours worth of news a day, scrolling through Facebook looking at all of the things, reading comments trying to educate myself, figuring things out. Having the conversations with family and friends, all those things.

Yesterday I really hit a wall. Absolutely hit a wall. And it wasn't pretty all itchy, bitchy and twitchy. It wasn't nice to where I literally gave myself a timeout in my bedroom for the day because it was too much. As adults, we tend to forget to fill our cups and look after our own needs which means our kids are watching us exhaust ourselves and think its normal. So we need to set the tone as to what we're taking in, what we're taking on board and how we're going to process it. We are literal energetic filters which means we filter the energy that comes to us, and it filters through us out into the world in a better way.

Now, for us to process the energy we take on, we need to ensure that we are taking part in activities such as physical movement, rest and eating good foods. Also, over the past week, I have been sitting down and drawing myself some cards just having a conversation with spirit, and jotting down things that come up in my bullet journal. Today's message was a reset reminder - "You get to choose the energy you take on".

The overarching theme of this particular conversation with my Spiritual Pit Crew role was recognizing when you're swimming in energy that isn't your's. While it's collective, my job is to be aware and up my self-care rituals so I can filter the energy rather than carry it.

This is the same for you - awareness is key and will assist you in getting back on task. As for me, I'm getting back on track with a few things that I'd left at the start of last week with my focus on "how do I want to show up?" My answers were I want to show up fit, I want to show up healthy and I want to show up strong mentally not just physically fit. The other thing I absolutely love is dancing my arse off! I am an ex Zumba instructor, believe it or not, I will be dancing my ass off to some music today music is going to shift the energy around you and within you, quicker than anything. So put that music on, even if you're at work, put the headphones in and just find some nice meditation music or something on YouTube that you can listen to it really does help just to ground you in that moment and be present and breathe and relax through your body.

So I wanted to share those things with you because I think it's very relevant at the moment I think it's something that we all need to be aware of. Please stop taking on so much of the energy that you can't process it. Self-awareness is key and so needed right now.

PS Below you will find a links to a couple more posts that may help you shift your psssh right now xx

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