Journaling - Calling in the Magic

Journaling is such an amazing way in which to process what is currently going on in your life but did you know that you can also use it as a way in which to script your future?

The best form of manifesting and creating the future you want is to write it out as if its already happening to you. For example, writing out your perfect day, job, relationship as if you are already living it will assist in your vibration matching the vibration of what you want.

It truly is as simple as sitting down and writing how you would like it to be. If its about a new job or career, write out what it would be like to be in that job with amazing and supportive colleagues and a boss who loves what you bring to the table. If you are a boss babe working on her dream of running a multi-million dollar empire, then step into that version of you, feel it right down to you expensive shoes and write out all that you see, feel and hear.

If its about a new relationship, how would you like your new partner to treat you? What personality traits would they have? You get to script out how you want your relationship to feel but with this particular them, remember to work on your self-love and strength so that the person you call in will honor that version of you who knows their worth.

Journaling allows you to script out how you envision your life laying out and I encourage you to allow the Divine to step in and give you a hand in how it plays out. Let her know that you are ready to take the next best action step to achieving that which you desire. If the action step doesn't make sense it means that you need to trust and take it even if its only a shuffle.

Whether you choose to use a journal, voice record via memo or use the PDF provided by clicking on the Dear Universe below, your written and spoken word is your wand and is such a powerful way to create a positive future.

How will you wield your words this week??

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