Let that psshhhh go

I come in with this post today hoping to remind you that your job is to learn from situations and take the lesson leaving the baggage behind.

So many of us become very well versed at being victims, taking with us the wounds, emotions and hurt of all the things that impact out lives rather than recognising that we need to step back, heal and look into the lesson which will allow us to tap into the lesson when required throughout our lives.

Giving too much energy to others and not enough to yourself? Learn the art of observation without trying to fix everything for everyone else. Finding that you are an energetic sponge and not refilling your own cup? Many of us are Energy Alchemists/Filters for those we come into contact with - we change the energy but can forget to ground, cut cords and move on ourselves.

I have a few tips to help you, of course.

@ Look after your needs first and foremost. It's not selfish but a form of SPIRITed Selfcare - set boundaries, say the word "No" without having to give others an explanation as to why and get your arse out of the arena to watch rather than partake.

@ Visualisation of an energy shield can assist in not taking on so much from others around you. Imagine a bubble of protective energy surrounding you and drink plenty of water to assist the filtering of others energy.

@ Intentional jewellery or crystals are amazing to have in your tool kit. I wear my Intuition Mandala ring (aka Shit Shield) by Sarah Wilder most days and have a few others I choose from also - Transformation, Boss Goddess and a beautiful moonstone ring via Noodge Designs which I wear the days of Full and New Moons.

@ take a day out each month just for you. Whether you spend it at the beach reading, in pyjama's at home immersing yourself in Netflix or getting your hair or nails done is completely up to you but taking time for you is needed.

Looking after you is not decadent, selfish nor rude but needed and you need to put your first as this will assist you in knowing whether you are delving to far into baggage of the past or grabbing back for the lesson to apply to your current situation.

Ride it and Rise honey - you are worth the effort.

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