Make a Move - Life is a Celebration and Adventure

It's so easy to sit back and wait for the Divine to move things for you but that's not how life works. Plus, the Divine is happy to kick back and play patience til you get your psssshhh together and make a decision.

Also, we humans love handing responsibility to others so its as though we have someone to blame when shit doesn't go down how we want it to.

But here is the thing - you need to decide on what you want and are prepared to do the work for. There is no point in trying to work towards something that isn't going to make your heart sing or has time slowing down when you are doing it.

In your heart you know what you want and you know there is work to be done to achieve it so rather that procrastinating, why not get on with it and make you mark.

You will at times be required to take a leap but I can assure you that most times it will be steps done consistently that will have you achieving all that you want and living the life of your dreams.

So what move are you going to make today for your personal and professional life?? Are you living life full out or making excuses, hiding then becoming frustrated?

Yep, your choice.

Go Bold, Big and Live Full Out

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