🌺 Mercury Retrograde is a GOOD THING 🌺

So, we're in the current build up to Mercury Retrograde which generally goes for 10-14 days and there is also a lead out phase for the same amount of time.

Now, I want to give you my take on this as there are plenty of opinions and feels and that ok but it's also why I encourage you to put all the things through the rinse cycle and feel what is right for you.

I choose to see Mercury Retrograde as a positive and here is why. When I started my woo journey and Mercury Retrograde was coming up in conversation or would come up or it was that time of the year, it would be like "Oh my god, I have to eat all the chocolate, I can't talk to people for

four weeks and all is going to go to shit", then I was like, hang on a sec and I actually started doing some research on it and started listening to some really good people about this particular topic and when you know what this is actually a really good time for woo peeps.

So, Mercury Retrograde is a time where the planet doesn't move backwards it just moves slower so that we can take the time to go inwards, to make sure we're doing the things we want to do to make sure we're well aware of our impact in the world. And it's also a great call for self care, it's a great call for to slow it down and take a really good look. Observe, see what's going on and go from there.

Three things during a Mercury Retrograde that are going to help are

  • Self care - Have yourself a list that you can go to when you think something's a bit wonky and you need to fix something or you need to whatever grant, and just self care list, add to your self care list things like grounding longer showers walks in nature, all of the things that's going to help so self care.

  • Recognize whether or not you've taken on someone else's energy, very easy to do when you're an Empath. Are you taking on someone else's crap energy which is why you feel all meh or is it literally your crap, and you need to deal with it.

  • Chocolate always helps, never judges and is the answer to all the things. Actually, it's a great way to raise your mood when you need a little help. Just do your best not to eat an entire family block.

Mercury Retrograde, it's a great time because that's when we're getting these downloads of information to be able to move us forward, we're creating the space for the new amount of information to come in and settle within us. So it's a good time guys don't shoot all over it don't get cranky at Mercury's slow walk thing just ride it. I

It's a great time for epiphanies and lightning bolts in the ass and reminder's from your Spiritual Pit Crew. Remember to communicate clearly and be really clear on what you want in your life as your word is the most important tool in creating your life.

To watch the Tuck & Roll on this topic, click here >> Tuck & Roll Mercury Retrograde

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