Mercury Retrograde Shenanigans

Oh the headf*ckery of it all!!!!!

We tend to call this movement by a planet a retrograde but it is really just the planet moving slower than earth - hence a perceived retrograde feel.

As Mercury is the planet which rules clear thinking, communication, travel and truth, it can feel like all of these things are jumbled or even moving backwards. This can be a time of greater misunderstandings within relationships, both professional and personal, as well as a good old dose of information being misinterpreted. Your computer can have a good old hissy fit - actually you may find your electronic equipment in general goes on holiday and people may say things "off the cuff" which will have you thinking "did they really say that?"

Many may feel the need at this time to hibernate, re-examine, re calibrate, re-prioritise, reset boundaries and even chart a new course with regards to professional opportunities. Take information delivered by others with a grain of salt and run it through a rinse cycle to see if it comes out feeling good for you afterwards. Delay the signing of documents if you can or at least ensure that you are comfortable with the details within the pages.

The upside of a Mercury Retrograde is that those open to receiving nudges and downloads of information from the Universe will be receiving them load and clear. This is where the re-examine comes in. Are you on course to achieving your visions or have you become clouded by the influence of others?

This is the Retrograde for Mercury this year and all 3 are in water sign with the current one being in Pisces. It is time to unpack the baggage and shed the old.

Take the time to journal and see what comes forward. Now is not the time for big decisions but for getting clear of what you want to communicate to the world and those around you. When Mercury goes direct March 10, you can then come out strong and clear about your direction and communicate with clarity.

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