New Beginnings and Refreshes

You can have a new beginning or refreshes whenever you choose. There is no need to wait for New or Full Moons nor do you need to wait for the permission of others.

Knowing when to leap and when to wait is something we learn – sometimes we fail, other times we are so spot on that we tend to start throwing around terms such as “Divine Timing” and “I couldn’t have planned it out better”. Let me share a little something with you – you are in control of this life that you have and how it plays out.  At no point have you experienced something in your life that you didn’t play out in your mind first.  That is how powerful you are and you need to start realising it because THAT is how manifestation works.

See it – Feel it – Receive it

I am not talking about illness, relationship bust ups and losing your job – actually, hold up a sec.  Yes I am.  To an extent you have settled for less, just waiting for another to tell you how worthy you are and you also manifested the fuck out of discomfort in your body. That is what causes DIS-EASE aka illness.

You make it too hard for yourself to have a wonderful life because you constantly shit on where you are right now rather than looking for the gold nuggets.  Wishing you were in another place isn’t going to make it happen as it tends to bring with it desperation, stalkerish behavior and trust me when I tell you good things are not going to come anywhere near that energy.

So while I step away from my soap box after delivering that little punch in the gut, grab your notebook and pen and gets to designing the life you want.  See it, feel excited about it and then start living it today. Pick parts of it you can integrate into your day to day life right now - walk towards what feels good and walk away from what doesn't.  It's totally OK to transition if you can't take a leap.  Commit to it and make a move.

Watch the energy shift around you so very quickly as you take the lead and claim your worth and desires.

What are you going to commit to today?

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