Self-Care in NOT a Selfish Act but a Rebellious One

So this particular topic has come up so very often over the past 6 months or so in conversation that I wanted to write about it also.

We have been raised to consider a busy, meeting filled day as a sign of success and I am going to call balls on that.

As we go about our lives, so much of it becomes reactionary and we tend to forget to look after our own needs as we go about looking after those around us until its time for bed and we fall into it exhausted not able to make simple conversation with our significant other because we have gone balls to the wall on all the other things during the day. That was a big long sentence designed to have you needing to take a breath if you read it out loud.

We are hesitant to set a morning routine because it may mean an early start to do something for our own needs so why not flip it. Rather than falling into bed at night exhausted, set yourself an evening routine - a self-care ritual that has you so happy to be wrapping yourself up in your pyjama's with a good book and hot chocolate with a treatment in your hair or curled up on the coach with blanket talking to your partner about the day and sharing.

Have you got a stack of books on the bedside table not started or part-way through? Honey, pick one and get it done! Whether it be for personal development or juicy romance a-la-50 Shades of Grey, reading fills your cup as meditation fills the soul and can assist in the wind down from a busy day.

Connection with yourself will assist in you being able to provide what is needed from a body, mind and spirit perspective and fuel you for the next day.

Oh and it's not just a phase either. Self-care is something that needs to be woven into our day to day life as it's what keeps us grounded, well-rounded and able to work towards our goals. It is about setting boundaries, doing the emotional work to work through whats going on and recognising when it's time to disengage from people and situations that are draining your energy. For some, it may be spending time in nature listening to the sounds of the ocean or walking through gardens barefoot while for others it may be introverting like a mofo to be able to centre into your own being aka wrapped up in a blanket with ice cream and sprinkles.

My question is this - what have you done today for yourself? Mmm I thought so. Click on the banner below to download your "Self-Care Strategy" PDF. Remember this isn't about overwhelming yourself but adding pockets of activities to your day that will fuel you.

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