The Hardest Chains to Break.....

Are the ones we place on our own selves. The need for approval. The need for confirmation. The seeking of answers that can only come from within.

We place chains and restrictions around how something should come into our life and then place such limiting restrictions on how it should look, feel, behave and fit into our lives.

My job is to provide confirmation for those who can't see it or choose not to see it for themselves. Then their are those who just need one more hit of confirmation or external validation and do you know what? That is so ok because their are those of us who are not just highly intuitive for ourselves but highly intuitive for those who need some of that sparkle to help them along.

If you ever feel the need for genuine connection with you Spiritual Pit Crew, Higher Self and Intuition so that you can confirm your feels, then I am your girl. If you continue to play the same scene over and over in your head and receive the same validation over and over again without taking steps forward, then you may well find yourself so far down the rabbit hole of self-doubt that it will take a rather large rescue crew to pull you out.

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