Time to give notice rather than continuing to ask for permission...

The need for confirmation and validation can at times keep us in a tailspin of headfuckery while we can also find that we a very dictatorial as to how something should come into our life and then place such limiting restrictions on how it should look, feel, behave and fit into our lives.

What if we took the time to surrender into the magic of what is to come? I know this can feel like a very foreign concept for many of us who have been taught and encouraged to control, dictate, demand and expect nothing but the highest outcome but your need to control the desired outcome is actually putting you in a position of looking for outside approval and confirmation.

What if you took the time to get really clear on what you do want so that the Universe can get to work on bringing it in? Your role in this is to given yourself permission and approval to go after the things you want and which in turn will light up the world.

Your role in this is to show the world you are indeed worthy enough of going for that which you want as it calls to you. Others are not meant to understand the call and you shouldn't be spending your time trying to convince other. Your role is to put the world on notice that you are coming for your dreams and goals.

Your role is to dance around the house giving yourself permission to yell at the top of your lungs "I AM MOTHER FUCKING WORTHY OF ALL OF MY DESIRES".

Your role is to take the inspired action steps that are given to you when you get them. The nudges of what to write about, who to call, what to post on Social Media. They are your breadcrumbs. The Universe is leaving them for you, you gotta pick them up and run with them.

It's time honey and you can feel it in every breathe you take and eye roll you do when you find you are doing something that feels out of whack.

It's time.

It's time.

It's time.

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