Time to suit up

So I may get a little passionate while talking about this subject as it's one that I have lived.

First up, I want to ask if you are playing the victim/villain in your life? Are you keeping yourself in uncomfortable situations just so you can whinge even more and pull the "poor me" card?

Well if so, it's time for you to listen up sister. You are the Hero/Knight in Shining Armour you have been waiting for. You are the one who needs to make the decision to get up and go. You are the one who gets to create the life she wants but if you continue to sit where you are and wait for another's approval or permission, you will be waiting a very long time.

I have indeed played the victim a few times in my life. We have all done it. I have waited for permission from my husband, family, bosses, colleagues, mentors, friends and even those who could not have cared less whether I stayed or went.

We are so conditioned to wait for a yes from someone else rather than giving ourselves the go ahead to live a life that makes us happy.

Oh and please don't go getting all caught up in the "I am waiting for the Universe to give me a big bold sign" crap. The Universe is waiting for you to step forward, decide on what you want from the "catalogue of life" and take a step or even leap toward it.

Remember that everything is energy and if you put 100% in then you will get exactly that back. If you request something and go all half arsed about it, pshhhhh why would the Universe bother. So are you going to be the Hero in your life or continue to play the Victim/Villain role?

It really is your choice - make it a good one.

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