When a Full Moon has you by the Ladyballs

Full Moons are a time where you an no longer hide from the bullshit you tell yourself and others.  The great big Universal Spotlight is shining on every facet of your inner and out world and that can just make you plain uncomfortable.  Please know this is happening for your highest good.

When the Full Moon arrives, she will shine her light in all the places of your life that you thought you could either ignore or hide from.  It may well leave you feeling as though you want to hide in your blankie fort for a few days or come out and be a grumpy bitch at everyone around you.

Now is the time for those darker shaded parts of you to be seen.  The parts that you have thought you could hide from or even stuff down into a box and not allow them to see the light of day. Allow them to come forward so that they can be dealt with in the best way possible - hand them up and over to your Pit Crew to change them into something better for your highest good. 

It's also the perfect time for finishing what you had started.  If you had taken steps forward but left something by the wayside knowing that at some point you would go back to it, now may be that time.

If you had thought your weren't strong/smart/good/perfect enough to try something that really interested you, now may be that time.

Full Moons are also a time for forgiveness.  Remember it doesn't mean you want to ask the person over for dinner and back into your life but it will mean that the situation or person no longer has an impact on you and your journey.  

You still have time over the next 72 hours to work with the energy of the Full Moon. Ask her to shine a light on what parts of your life you need to focus on letting go of and what parts of your life you need to focus on. Check out the PDF I have created to assist you - click on the banner below.

With sparkles, chocolate and hugs

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