When Sleeping Women Awaken

This Chinese proverb caught my breath when I first read it as it absolutely represents my journey into all things woo on a conscious level. I had always been fascinated by oracle and tarot readers and crystals were definite pretty for me to have although I never really understood why.

Now I understand I was being led by something greater than me to try and crack open more to what I am truly here to do as a healer, reader, and purveyor of all things woo. I will admit that yes there are some woo things out there that even I shake my head at and think “wtf” but it’s not up to me to judge what another person has found that anchors them into their spiritual sanctuary. We all have one.

For me, it’s journaling, oracle/tarot cards, crystals, reiki (teaching and as a practitioner), and holding space for others to come on in and find their idea of spiritual sanctuary. It’s different for all of us but once you open that gorgeous woo box even just a little you will find yourself drawn to and having conversations with others that have you going “OMG this is normal and it’s so cool to talk to another about this and know I am not going crazy”.

I was woken from a very deep, SHEGO-driven sleep that had been going on for most of my life. Allowing my life to be led so far by the masculine within meant striving for more in my career and not really even allowing myself to enjoy when I had reached a milestone. I once had a very high up (or he thought he was) Manager tell me that I would never be able to move into a particular role as I was not subservient enough nor was I willing to take instruction from others who knew better.

Rather than thinking to myself “maybe that isn’t the profession I want to move into” I took it as a challenge and within 3 months held a position even higher than the one I originally aspired to support an executive who noticed the potential I had. Again, I was allowing SHEGO and my masculine pushy side to lead the way.

Looking back on a number of occasions similar to this I realize each situation was actually trying to bring me to my knees so that I would have a good look around and see where I personally needed to change and amend course. While none of these stepping stones to where I am now is one I regret, I truly recognize that they really didn’t honor the path my Spiritual Pit Crew and Higher Selfie were trying to lead me towards.

Are you being led towards something bigger and better? Do you notice even small glimpses of something that would make your heart and soul leap every day when you wake up?

Take note as the Universe will never lead you astray.

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