When your VISION gets clouded

There will indeed be plenty of times in life where you goals and visions become clouded.


That's what happens when planets whip up energy to confuse and befuddle you and it also happens when your friends and family start telling you that you are asking for too much and need to stop going so big.

My take on this is when it gets cloudy, turn off the smog machine.  You need to take some time out when you feel cloudy about your dreams and ask yourself the question "What do I really want?"

You may find that you ask that question of yourself quite a few times before your honest and state that which you really-really-right-down-to-your-tippy-toes want and then it's as if you have finally struck gold.

Then it's time to allow that feeling to grow.

I really do recommend at this time that you do more talking with your Higher Selfie/Inner Adviser than you do with family, friends and partners about the vision as it has been given to you for a reason.  

Others will try to convince you to tweek it here and there too where it may no longer have your heart and third eye going "yes yes this is it".

Your BIG ARSE VISION is yours.  It will nudge at you and have you doing things you never thought you would.  It will keep you awake on a Saturday night at home working on a website or content for an amazing course that you are being asked to bring into this world.  It will indeed force you to be a different version of yourself so as to step up an into.

So my question to you is "what is that one idea/thought/vision that has come via you that won't let you rest?"

Note it down and go take one little step into making it a reality.

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