You are always Connected

I wanted to remind you that you are always connected to the Divine, you are always connected to Source, you are always connected to your Spiritual Pit Crew.

Sometimes you just turn the volume down so far that you can't even notice when you are receiving nudges. I get a lot of clients that come to me saying "I can't hear it" (not everyone will) or "I'm so disconnected from and I can't feel it".

So here is the information you need - you are always connected and need to turn up the volume.

By that, I mean that you've forgotten what it feels like to get those intuitive nudges, you've forgotten what it sounds like or what you see when you get them.

So take a step back and reassess.

The goosebumps you get when feeling on the path or excited = white flag of keep going. The Clairs (clairvoyance - sight, clairsentience - feels, claircognizant - clear knowing, clairaudience - clear hearing, clairalience - clear smelling and clairgustance - clear taste) is how our body picks up on what going on around us physically and energetically. You may not be able to put a word to it but the feels are very real.

Great ways to start turning up the volume are

  • to stop being so reactive and allow yourself time to notice how you feel.

  • take notice of repeating song lyrics. This is one of the easiest ways in which your crew will try to communicate with you.

  • Repeating numbers such as 111,222,444, etc. When you notice them, it's a conscious message to ensure your thoughts are positive and your behavior is reflecting your goals rather than being negative.

When we become so reactive to all the things, we forget to notice the nudges and then convince ourselves that we are disconnected. Take some time out honey and I promise you will notice them more often and when they come through.

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