These gorgeous herb bundles contain so much magic. They are locally sourced and provided by the gorgous Natty the Naturopath.


Each piece is unique and between 10cm to 18 cm in length


They have the following wrapped up in them:

  • Lavender for calming
  • Rosemary for clarity and protection
  • Bay for increasing spiritual awareness
  • Rose for love and calm
  • Thyme for emotional healing
  • White and sage for clearing negative energy
  • Pine for cleansing and purification


As you light this herb bundle, set the intention that calm, balance and purity is yours as you walk through your home from front door to back door to shift any unwanted energy from your space.


Please note to keep windows open while using these bundles and they are stubbed out in sand or dirt at the end of each use and before bringing back into the space after clearing. 

Herb Bundles


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