🌸 Notes below from author Kyla Little 🌸


★ Magick: An illustrated guide to witchcraft ★


In my search for a good witchy book, I found that many Witchcraft books on the market are unappealing in the way that they are purely textual and lack visual stimulation. When I think of a traditional Grimoire or Book of Shadows, I think of beautiful illustrations alongside thorough information; and that is what I thought of when I created Magick. Magick is a book that comes from my heart. Content: Suited to northern + southern hemisphere witchesSuited to beginner witches + a useful reference tool for experienced witchesBeginner tips and basic concepts: General tips, law of attraction, karma, casting sigils, cleansing, charging, grounding, casting circles and moreThe types of witches + witches tools Setting up a Book of shadowsSetting up an altarThe sabbats + how to celebrate the seasonsCorrespondences: tarot, runes, colors, elements, moon phasesDivintation mediums + how to AstrologyRecipes and spellsA bonus chapter of artwork archives Specs:Holographic foiled cover, spine, & edgesA5 size (210 mm x 148 mm)152 full color premium quality pages

Magick Hard Cover