Ready to define life on your terms but need some help to get started?

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Flourish Quickie

This 30 minute session  is available for those wanting a quick conversation to shift their energy and receive a quick hit of intuitive goodness with a little coaching on the side. 

This is the perfect session if you you want straight up, no faffery guidance.

Please note that this option is only available in an online format via ZOOM.  The link will be sent to you in your booking confirmation.

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Connected Session 

Are you finally ready to take a leap and work with someone who can "Connect" into your vision, and provide support and strategy to get you there?


Connected Conversations are so much fun! We connect in with your Spiritual Pit Crew and energy to gain clarity and best steps forward.

3 Session Series

Is there a part of you that knows that you need to make a change but your stubborn ass won't own it?

This series of 3 sessions are available for those wanting to see if a longer-term coaching series is what they need and  focuses on steps that you can action straight after each session. 


5 Month Coaching 

As a Coach who loves to work with women in confidently creating boundaries, acknowledging and soothing the people pleaser within and clearing out the confusion and overwhelm of a life built by reactivity rather than consciously taking part, I use my abilities to assist my clients by facilitating a shift from wtf to clarity and happiness.


This is a 12 month Mentoring Program focusing on moving you into a position of empowerment, confidence and leadership either as a reader, healer and undercover lightworker.  Whether you choose to come out of the closet and really step up and into your role as a WOMAN OF WOO or choose to use your skills to the fullest in the background, this is a personalised program focusing on your specific needs. 

By discovering, harnessing and utilising your UNIQUE SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER, you can create the life you want rather than falling into one by default.

12 Month Mentoring Program

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