Sparkle Sessions
(Energy Healing)

Reiki focuses on promoting relaxation and wellness of the physical and energetic bodies while regulating and reducing stress levels. 

Sparkle Sessions are an opportunity for you to clear the old and bring in the new.  Whether you choose to lay on the massage table or sit in a chair, this particular session is aimed at relaxing and anchoring you into good energy. 

Reiki is a beautiful, natural and safe form of energy healing and is able to assist with clearing emotional, physical and mental blockages, pain management and energy levels.  This can be done both in person and via distance.


Reiki is best described as being the power that acts and lives in all created matter. The word Reiki means ‘universal life energy’:


         ‘Rei’ describes the universal, boundless aspect of this energy        

         ‘Ki’ is in itself part of rei, being the vital life force energy which flows through all 



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 Reiki Only - 45 min session - $85