Spirited AF Session 

(This is a single session)

Are you over trying to figure it all out on your own? Confused by the fog and overwhelm in your mind?


Are you finally ready to take a leap and work with someone who can "Ground"  your energy, link into your vision, and provide support and strategy to get you there?


Spirited AF Conversations are a single coaching session and are so much fun! We connect in with your Spiritual Pit Crew and energy to gain clarity and best steps forward.

As a "Tool for the Divine" to bring forward messages of confirmation and validation about your journey and with over 20 years working in corporate environments, my ability to have a foot in both worlds, use cards and crystals and connect you in with your Spiritual Pit Crew will provide you with clarity in moving forward.


Energy healing and clearing is also performed during our time together which assists in clearing the confusion and grounds your energy moving forward. 

This session is perfect for you if.....

  • You are needing space for deep and safe discussion with actions and energy clearing.

  • You are ready to birth the life/business/relationship of your dreams or move your current one up a notch. 

  • You feeling that its time to take a leap of faith in life, love and career.

  • You are looking for a session to create a big shift.

Feedback from clients.........

You have come across this page for a reason so book it in. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself

When you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, Kim helps you find your truth

Kim's guidance came at a pivotal time in my life. She guided me to look within and also to reach out and access the help I needed at that time to help me through a messy patch. I am grateful that Kim used her unique mix of humor and compassion to generously guide me through this time.

I’m feeling a different kind of energy.... more peace, Much lighter and soulful. It’s a gentle kind of knowing & faith that I’ve got this.

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