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Stepping Into Woo


Hi and welcome to Stepping Into Woo - an introduction to for those interested in learning more about such topics as grounding & shielding, energy & vibration, Intuition/Higher Selfie and Spiritual Pit Crew as well as external tools such as crystals, card decks (oracle and tarot) and how to use Full Moon and New Moon energy. 

Grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee/water and settle in with pen and paper as there is plenty of tips and hints for you to take and use.

Below you will find a rundown on each part and a pdf you can print off that will assist.  Where it says "Part 1/2/3/4" is a direct link to that part of the video so you can either watch it in one go or take what you need and come back later.

Part 1 of Stepping into Woo is all about Energy and Vibration and we also discuss Grounding and Shielding methods to help you on your journey.

Part 2 of Stepping into Woo is all about working with your Intuition, Higher Selfie and Spiritual Pit Crew.  

Part 3 of Stepping into Woo is all about using external tools to strengthen your intuition.

Part 4 of Stepping into Woo is all about using Full and New Moon energy to your advantage, the need to remember to forgive yourself and others and how gratitude can make an impact on your manifesting abilities.

PDF of information 

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