Group/Team Training

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Group Training

Awareness of Energy and Vibes

This option is tailored to the group whether it be staff training or a group of amazing likeminded peeps wanting to learn more about the energy they bring to the table, how it impacts the collective group vibe and how small tweeks can be made to uplevel everyone for a nicer more supportive feel. 


Kim will meet with the Business Owner/Leader/Supervisor to discuss requirements and approach with a bespoke program created with solutions and high vibe feels so that all feel heard, included and supported. 

Cost is dependent on numbers and team specifics
(For example, 2 hours prep work with Business Owner/Leader/Supervisor, 2 hour workshop with team and 2 hours of follow up --> approx $1500 for 5-10 people)

Leadership Training

Uplevelling from doing all the work to being supported

So you have finally reached a level in your business where you are hiring team members and delegating work to them as you now need free up your time in bringing more clients on board and doing the work your LOVE but your mind is racing a thousand miles a minute still having your fingers in all the things and your energy is being stretched too far - sound familiar?

Honey, you created your business to create freedom in your life - it's ok to take a breath and create a team to support you so you can continue to do what you love and enjoy the money coming in. 

With Kim's corporate and business experience of 20 years in supporting executives in both government and educational environments and her ability to anticipate where focus needs to be, you will be able to set stronger and clearer foundations in your business, attract amazing clients who will be fabulous to work with and staff who want to be part of your support team in moving the business to new levels, 

If you have come this far, you know you are ready to free up more space and focus on what you love doing which will show in your business.

Cost is dependent on specifics of each client
(For example, 6 x 1.5 hour meetings and an initial 2 hour "In the Trenches" workshop with client and core support staff member -- > approx $2500)