Starting 16 February 2020

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Doors for registration open on September 8, 2021

Warrior Rising is an 8 week program for those who are looking to gain deeper understanding around foundation topics regarding spirituality, confidence, self-awareness and more in a safe space with a fabulous teacher and mentor. 


This is for you if you have been getting the nudge towards creating a greater understanding and connection around woo topics such as  Energy and Manifestation, working with your Spiritual Pit Crew of Guides and Angels, Full and New Moon Energy, Self-Sabotage and as well as working with tools such as cards, crystals, energy shields and bubbles,  healing via reiki and how to come through Spiritual Shitstorms.


Warrior Rising has been created for those not knowing where to start in learning about these topics as each week we focus on 1 energy center's (chakra) within the body and the emotions, Archangels, Crystals and good solid practical advice that can assist you as you move through the beginning phase. 


During this program, you will have a greater understanding of your energy and the energy of those around you as well as a toolkit of practical down to earth skills and tips to use on a daily basis or when you need to feel grounded.

When you sign up, over 8 weeks of the program running live, you will receive;

  • Access to the private Facebook group ​

  • Access to the hidden webpage of resources for members only​

  •  ​No BS Woo Wisdom and support from Kim Williams - Group Facilitator and Coach​

  •  1 x Live Woo Room round table session via Zoom on Sunday's for woo clarity and planning out your week. This will be uploaded to the private Facebook group.

  • Weekly 3 card live readings via Facebook group for those who nominate themselves. 

  • ​Guidance and down to earth steps on how to bring more woo (aka magic, intuition, manifestation goodness) into your life via journalling, moving meditation and noticing how your Pit Crew communicate with you. ​

  • Access to the resources and program each time it is run in future (including if the information or program are updated)​

Please note - if you have already paid for the program, there are options for you to sign up

separately to the coaching call options if you want to opt in. Contact Kim for a chat. 

Pink Level

Payment plan
4 x monthly payments of $249.50 via paypal

Silver Level
$1495 aud

This option includes 4 x 1-1  45 minute coaching sessions to be used throughout the program
Access to the program as noted above 


Payment plan is available
6 x monthly payments of $249.50aud via paypal

An awakening woman no longer settles for less than she is worth, releasing people, patterns and habits in the process.

Weekly Rundown of Program

- Week 1 -

Pre work and getting to know you  

This is welcome week with a whole lot of awesome woo fun to get you started. 

You will learn all about energetic boundaries, quiet spaces and tips and tools you can keep in your Spiritual Toolkit. We will be discussing Spiritual Awakenings and how to navigate them. 

Base Chakra

The first of our Chakras and the most important as its all about setting foundations, getting clear on what you want and recognising that you get to create a life you are deeply in love with.

- Week 2 -

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra magic and movement.  This chakra is all about connection with self, the Universe and others via such activities as art, fitness, dance, sex, self-love, and more. 


- Week 3 -

Solar Plexus Chakra

Confidence, confidence, confidence honey - the Solar Plexus is your power centre and where your intuition actually lives. Get ready to flex your new found confidence and abilities to own your power with class.

- Week 4 -

Heart Chakra

Forgiveness of self and others.  The Heart Chakra's ability to assist you in compassion, faith and forgiveness is so important as you move forward into your new life and abilities. 

This week we will also start focusing on the Clair senses we all have and how to recognise which is your dominant. 

- Week 5 -

Throat Chakra

This week is all about speaking up and using your voice.  By learning to voice your wants, needs and emotions, you will be able to be quite clear on what you require to move forward. Singing, talking, presenting are all fabulous ways to clear the throat chakra.

- Week 6 -

Third Eye Chakra 

You are finally seeing the world through a lens of awesomeness, owning your power and stepping into your clair abilities.  The Third Eye Chakra opens when you take the time to truly see the world around you.

- Week 7 -

Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the space in which you receive messages from the divine and your Higher Selfie.  This week, we take the time to clear the energetic clutter surrounding this chakra so you can receive downloads of information clearly


- Week 8 -

Celebration and Next Steps





​Bonuses Modules

Spiritual Pit Crew
Spiritual Tool Kit
Books, Card Decks and Journals
Spirited Living

Mini Masterclasses

Energy Toolkit

Setting up your Altar

Oracle and Tarot Cards

Working with the Angels of Abundance and Prosperity